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Karenne Sylvester has an MA in Educational Technology & TESOL (Distinction, 2013, University of Manchester), and recently completed a Diploma in Game Design and Development (Futureworks, 2014-2017).

She is currently the Digital Development Officer at New College Group, where she is responsible for the overall digital strategy for the schools and ensuring that 100% of all teaching staff have good, to excellent, IWB/EdTech skills.

Previously she was one of the early academic consultants for the ELT start-up, Voxy; was a freelance Business & IT English trainer in Germany; a Director of the non-profit, Summerbridge, in Hong Kong and an Academic Director at EIL in Ecuador.

Karenne is a regular presenter at international conferences in language education and used to write an internationally popular educational blog, Kalinago English, (1million+ pageviews).  She has also produced a series of videos on British English expressions, British-in-a-minute, available on YouTube.

She is highly skilled in the following:

  • Gamified language educational e-tivities
  • Mobile apps in language learning
  • Digital teacher education
  • Educational video production

Furthermore, she has a created games in both the Unreal and Unity game engines, knows Blueprinting and C++, and creates art assets in Inkscape & Gimp (2D) & Blender (3D).

She is available to deliver workshops (whole/half day) and present at conferences, on the above subjects with at least 2 month’s notice.  For more details, please see her Linkedin profile.