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Jacqueline_KassteenJacqueline Kassteen has 15+ years of marketing experience in international education, student travel, publishing, lead generation, retail, and financial services. She holds a BSc in Marketing and CELTA qualifications for adults and young learners. She has dual nationality (American and Dutch), has lived in eight countries, and is based in London.

Jacqueline is known as a “top industry analyst” with extensive breadth and depth of knowledge in international education, as evidenced by her launching ICEF Monitor and building it into the most popular website for international student recruitment with 3.2+ million pageviews and a global audience of 40,000+ subscribers in 165+ countries.

In February 2016, Jacqueline became the Owner and Managing Director of Transformative Marketing Solutions Ltd., which controls Jackfruit Marketing, a consultancy, project management, and training company, and FruitFame.com, a new platform dedicated to showcasing success stories in marketing, recruitment, enrolment and retention.

Jacqueline works with clients as a consultant and project manager, offering marketing expertise in the international education industry. She advises on recruitment and retention strategies through the use of online and offline marketing techniques, agencies, social media, alumni, product development, as well as competitive analysis and research.

Jacqueline also runs training sessions and masterclasses, and is a regular plenary speaker, presenter, and panelist at various global events held throughout the year. Over the last few years, she has given more than 55 talks on three continents for audiences ranging in size from 30 to 1,500 people. Most of her talks run for about 60 minutes and are tailor-made for each audience. Jacqueline also regularly gives customised presentations and professional development training sessions to institutions, staff, teachers, and international students (the latter with a strong focus on leadership, entrepreneurship and working internationally).

For a short sample of Jacqueline on stage, see the highlights video of her Opening Plenary “Creating Opportunities within Disruption: The power of connectivity in a brave new world” given at the Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) 2016 in Melbourne.

Contact Jacqueline via her website or social media:

Twitter: @JKassteen

LinkedIn: Jacqueline Kassteen