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Johanna Stirling is partly a freelance English Language Teaching Consultant and partly NILE Online Academic Manager. In the freelance part of her work she is a trainer primarily for NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) and a presenter, mainly for Cambridge University Press (since 2006), but also the British Council, Macmillan Publishing, NILE, and Bell International. She has given presentations to all sorts of audiences, numbering from one (probably the most difficult!) to over a thousand, in many different countries in Europe, North Africa, the Arabian Gulf, Central America and the UK. She is also happy to give online webinars.

She is an energetic, reliable and professional speaker who can give talks and workshops on a wide range of subjects such as teaching English spelling (her specialism), materials development, online learning, learner engagement, giving feedback and ‘Teaching Humans’!

You can watch Johanna in action here:

Johanna is based in Norwich in the east of England but is happy to travel to domestic and international conferences. July and August are usually too busy with teacher training but most other months are possible.

Find out more about Johanna or read her work:

You can contact Johanna at johanna.stirling@gmail.com