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Gemma is currently a pre-sessional coordinator and EAP teacher in the ELT dept. at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. She is also the editor of the IATEFL Pronunciation Special Interest Group’s bi-annual journal Speak Out!

In her current teaching work, she specialises in pronunciation and phonology in an EAP context and as stand-alone electives, however her particular passion is in researching and teaching with diverse L2 and regional L1 accents, particularly Scottish Standard English. She’s committed to opening the door of comprehension to students who may perceive non prestige accents  to be impossible to understand or of no consequence, and offering support to L1 regional and L2 speaking teachers, who have had to struggle through the challenges of the prestige pron educational environment!

Her most recent research has focused on students’ perceptive and productive uptake upon exposure to regional L1 pronunciation models, and the effects of phonological mismatch on teachers’ motivation to teach pronunciation.

Her most recent conference presentations were:

  • IATEFL 2017: Presentation: The Other 97%: Pronunciation Strategies for non RP Speakers
  • IATEFL 2017: Workshop:  ‘From Diagnostics to Diapix: modes and methods of pronunciation assessment

While based in the UK, she is willing to travel internationally.

She can be contacted at