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My name is Jo Cummins and I have been involved in the ELT world since 2004. I currently work as a Freelance Materials Writer but have previously worked at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, IH Bath, UK and CEDEI in Cuenca, Ecuador. I have taught most age groups, and more nationalities than I can remember!

I have an MA in the Teaching and Practice of Creative Writing from Cardiff University and I have always been interested in using creative writing in ELT. I have a (currently inactive) blog of ideas for using creative writing in ELT. I am also interested in using Critical Thinking in class, particularly for EAP students and I gave a talk on this topic at the English Australia Conference. Another interest of mine is teaching and engaging teenagers and I have written an ebook on this topic.

I am currently based by the seaside in the South East of the UK but I am available to travel throughout the UK and possibly Europe. You can find more details about me on LinkedIn and I can be contacted at jo_cummins@hotmail.com