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 Maha has been working as a Teacher Trainer and Head of English Dept. for more than 15 years.  She has given presentations at K12 Online Conference, Nile Tesol, LIF (Language in Focus) Turkey, Global Education Online Conference as well as at Reinventing the Classroom and Learning Revolution Online Conferences.  She has also had a paper on teaching Adults published on Howtolearn.com. You can get access to this article through her blog as well as an article on Nile Tesol Newsletter, 2014

She has also started Maha ESL Community,  www.facebook.com/maha.esltraining,  with a mission to help teachers believe in, achieve and sustain Professional Development. She also runs a blog that helps teachers teaching adults or school students as well as exchange experiences among peers. She holds Weekly Discussions among school teachers as well as a monthly Teaching Club where Trainers are invited online and on-site to give hands-on experience to teachers and instructors.

She has been training and supervising teachers of all grades and been responsible for setting and adjusting curriculums to suit all stages. During her working experience she has mostly been responsible for choosing curriculums, appraising them and training teachers how to get through them. She has worked on both national and American and IGCSE curriculums.

She has also been teaching Adults for more than 12 years. Now she is Head of English Dept. at the Arab Academy for Training Technology credited by Warnborough College, England

My Blog: www.teachingenglishcafe.blogspot.com

LinkedIn: Maha ESL Teacher

Email: maha.professionaltrainer@gmail.com