If you are interested in this topic and you want to look into it further, here are a few useful links.

TEFL related 

Article ‘Women in TEFL‘ by Jill Florent and Catherine Waters (this is not a new issue)

The Fair List and their resource page 

Blog post by Julie Moore on Women in ELT

The She-in-ELT series by Karenne Joy Sylvester

Gavin Dudeney on this topic 

Melanie Butler on Glass Ceilings

ELTchat discussion on the topic 

Jeremey Harmer on Gendered plenary speakers

A post by Russ in 2012 on this topic

Other interesting tidbits we came across:

sheryl Sandberg, why so few female leaders?

Not just an ELF problem “Fewer invited talks by women in evolutionary biology

A pledge for academics to sign up refusing to speak at conferences which don’t at least attempt to be representative.

Phillip Bourne “Ten simple rules to achieve conference speaker gender balance

Female innovators inspire female innovators.

Let us know if we missed any…